The ultimate web content mining and data extraction software

Extract any type of data from the web with Web Miner using its powerful built-in web crawler to easily search an extensive range of web pages.

Extract any data using regular expressions or XSLT, or take advantage of a whole range of built-in extractors for images, feeds, emails, phone & fax numbers, SEO Keyword density, microformats, URLs, files and documents, IP addresses plus more...

Windows Vista, 7, 8 plus 8.1 also supports Windows Server 2008, 2012
Version 1.3.4 Release Notes   ·   22 downloads last week

Web Miner is the best choice for extracting data from the web

Web Miner is simply a great tool that allows you to extract any data from the web.
It comes with a built-in web crawler to search a single page, a website, a set of websites
or the entire web with an extensive range of search and performance settings.

Analyze and extract data from the web

Web Miner is a simple to use, straight forward but excellent application for extracting data
from the web, building images and documents galleries from mined content or even using custom
regular expressions or XSLT to further customize your extraction requirements.


Web Miner crawls the web and extracts data

Web content mining is the mining, extraction and integration of useful data, information and knowledge from web page content.

The Web Miner software gives users the ability to extract and integrate useful data into their applications, by using a whole range of built in data extraction miners such as:

  • E-mail addresses extractor.
  • File/Documents extractor - Add the file extensions of the documents to extract and build an document gallery.
  • Feeds extractor - RSS, ATOM & Activity Streams data extraction.
  • Keyword Density Analysis - Breakdown of keywords and density in each page.
  • Meta Tags extractor - Extraction of all meta tags from mined page.
  • Images extractor - Search for images and build and image gallery.
  • Phone & Fax numbers extractor.
  • IP addresses extractor.
  • Microformats extractor - Extract a whole range of microformats.
  • URLs extractor - Get all URLs within each page mined.
  • Custom data extractors - Use Regular Expression or XSLT to customize your extraction needs.

For support with building more complex custom miners contact us through We are always on hand to help.

Mine any website and even their external links

Mine the entire web or select which websites are to be included or excluded from your data extraction operations.

Search for unlimited artifacts

There is no limit to the number of artifacts that can be collected through your research operations.

Use built in miners

There are many built in miners including Microformats, Feeds, SEO Keyword Density, Files & Documents, URLs, E-mails, Phone & FAX numbers, etc.

Use custom miners

Use your own custom regular expressions & XSLT documents to mine data that better suits your needs.

POST artifacts to your own Web Service

Get all the artifacts sent to your own Web Service through a JSON POST.

Export artifacts to CSV

All artifacts can be exported to a single CSV for use in your favorite spreadsheet application or imported into another database.

Save artifacts to disk

All artifacts are saved to disk. Hours of crawling would not be wasted during a power outage or computer crash.

Customize search engine

Customize all the search engine settings for your own needs or gear it towards performance of your computer.

Application extension support

Contact us for support if you need help or more features that a custom regular expression cannot provide.

Image Gallery

Take advantage of our built in HTML image gallery after extracting images from the web.

Document Gallery

Fantastic HTML document gallery can be created after extracting files from the web.

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Our latest software screen-shots

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look and feel and gives a peek into its features.

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