How to use Web Miner?

A simple guide on how to use the ultimate web content mining software.

Step 1: Select your mining sources

Choose which web pages you want to include in your search and also which pages you wish to exclude. If "Search the entire web" is selected then this option takes precedence over individual inclusions however exclusion will still be adhered to. Searching the entire web starts mining

Step 2: Configure your miners

Select the miners you wish to take part in this mining session and add any additional configuration required by the miner.

Step 3: Configure settings

Modify your settings to suit your mining needs but most importantly do not forget to select your Output Destinations. Choose a writable output folder to save all discovered artifacts and/or choose an HTTP Post location to receive the artifacts sent in JSON format.

Step 4: Start the mining session

Click run/resume to start or resume the mining session.

Step 5: View session information

Go to the statistics view where you can see all your mining and relevant details.